Sustainability in the
Digital Economy

Sustainability in the Digital Economy

What We Do

Accelerating sustainability in the digital ecosystem to bridge the digital divide for an inclusive and empowered society.

Digital at the Core

Incorporating digital in every facet of business as a principle

Sustainable Growth

Equitable participation for all ecosystem stakeholders

Our Expert Capabilities 

Our Expert Capabilities 

Digital Asset Tokenisation

Digital Sustainability Audit

Sustainability as a Service

Trusted Sustainability Data

Redefining Sustainability

Redefining Sustainability

Intentionally defined widely, to propagate stakeholder adoption in the digital economy.

Our Practice Focus

Our Practice Focus

Society and Commons

Corporations and Business Communities

Energy and Climate

Sustainable AI: A New Era

Sustainable AI:
A New Era

 As AI continues to play an ever-growing role in our daily lives and society, it is crucial that we ensure its development and deployment aligns with our values and ethics.

Cambridge Blockchain Society

In a joint venture with the University of Cambridge’s Blockchain Society, we promote sustainability via education and research in the digital economy, with a focus on how distributed ledger technology can facilitate sustainable business practices.

Backed by world class research facilities on campus and access to cutting edge technology startups at Digital Insights Group, both parties endeavour to develop comprehensive educational materials with the aim of leading the next wave of digital adoption.

Annual Sustainability Awards

Digital Insights Sustainability and Cambridge Blockchain Society will work together to co-sponsor the Annual Sustainability Awards. The awards will be split into three categories:

  1. Best Startup
  2. Young Leader
  3. Most Impactful

Best Startup

Young Leader

Most Impactful

Voice Your Best Expression

Vybe is a Digital Insights driven initiative focused on empowering the Youth and engendering an environment of fellowship that promotes innovation and enterprise.


The universe’s premier fully integrated digital experiential platform.
Empowering users as producers of their own VYBE and revolutionizing their engagement 

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