Voice Your Best Expression

Vybe is a Digital Insights driven initiative focused on empowering the Youth and engendering an environment of fellowship that promotes innovation and enterprise.

We believe in our three Es:

  • Empathy
  • Empower
  • Expression

Our Mission

Bridging The Digital Divide

Bridging the digital divide by supporting new and innovative start-ups that are committed to making a positive social impact.

Generational Connectedness

In an increasingly digital world, the youth must also make a conscious effort to stay connected to the older generations.

Propagating A Sense Of “We”

At a time where fractured communities with “us against them” mentalities, are at an all time high, we seek to restore a true sense of the collective “we” in the community.

Our Current Projects

BE MY MENTOR bridges the digital divide between generations. Our platform facilitates the engagement between mentors from the silver-haired generation and leaders of tomorrow. This ensures that nobody is left behind in the digital community.

BE A SOURCE empowers individuals, through learning and self-improvement, to create ripples of positive change. By becoming a source of knowledge and inspiration, participants not only improve their own lives but also have the power to uplift and transform their communities.

How We Do It

Digital Platform

A nexus for all mentors and mentees promoting engagement and inclusiveness.

Building a network of mentors empowers youth while giving back to society.

Intergenerational Connectedness

Bridging the cross-generational digital divide. The silver-haired generation impart their wisdom while the youth ensure they are not left behind in the digital future – providing each other with purpose and mentorship.

Transformative Impact

Formalising the process of self empowerment through digital, along with the mechanisms and tools for then becoming a source of such empowerment for “we” the community.

Collaborate With Us!

VYBE welcomes interested parties to contribute as partners or value participants.