Our Vision

A world where digital technology is universally adopted for a sustainable and equitable future.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and communities through digital sustainability as the bridge to the digital divide and promote co-existence within planetary boundaries.

Our Story

Krishna Ramachandra, former Chairman and Managing Director of Duane Morris & Selvam with 7 years of experience in blockchain tech, established Digital Insights Group in early 2022. With extensive project involvement in various advisory positions, working on more than 350 deals, he left his position as Managing Director to launch Digital Insights. Believing in the transformative potential of blockchain for all aspects of society, Krishna set up the sustainability arm of Digital Insights, recognising it as the key to unlocking the full impact of the technology.

Digital Insights Academy

Digital Insights Academy

An important element of sustainability is education and the Digital Insights Academy was set up to serve this purpose. We develop curriculum for blockchain technology, Web3, AI and other leading technologies, offered in different formats and levels of difficulty.

We work with government agencies on solutions to positively impact the next generation and other less privileged members of society, who are most likely to be left behind in the digital revolution. Digital Insights Academy is set-up as a not for profit entity.

Digital Insights Intelligence

Digital Insights Intelligence

The intelligence division of Digital Insights was established to create and implement tech solutions for the company’s various branches. It spearheads the creation of the Digital Sustainability Platform to foster collaboration between all parties involved, and plans to offer white-labelled technology in the future and retain all patents for technology developed.

Digital Sustainability Council

Digital Sustainability Council

Digital Sustainability Council (DSC) is set up as a foundation to champion sustainability efforts in the digital economy. Independently set up and governed, the purpose of the foundation is to bring together resources, both financial and human, to drive change and make a meaningful impact in promoting sustainability.

DSC provides a platform for collaboration, innovation, and collective action, working with various stakeholders including government, civil society, and the private sector to tackle complex challenges. By investing in research, development, and implementation of sustainable solutions, the council aims to create a legacy for future generations and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Vinothan Thevarasoo

Chief Sustainability Officer,
Digital Insights Sustainability

Vice-Chairman, Ethics, Standards and Inclusiveness for WEB3, AI and DLT Committee (DIS)

“I would like to take a moment to reflect on the bold predictions that were made by experts many years back, regarding the state of the world beyond 2020. They envisioned developments in technology that were nothing short of science fiction, but also predicted widening gaps in social and economic equity, depletion of resources, and potentially catastrophic climate change.

While these predictions were accurate to some extent, nobody could have predicted the rapid adoption of digital transformation that we have seen in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has forever transformed the business and socioeconomic landscape. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we build digital capabilities as the foundation of every business strategy and prioritise sustainability in every aspect of business operations.

Sustainability has traditionally been viewed through the lens of the triple bottom line, which include environmental, social, and economic factors. But in the digital economy, sustainability goes beyond these dimensions and blurs the lines between them. To ensure equitable access to the opportunities and benefits of the digital economy for all individuals and communities, it is essential that we bridge the digital divide.

At DIS, we understand the importance of taking a broad perspective on sustainability and reducing barriers to stakeholder participation. We believe that digital innovation can be a powerful tool in promoting sustainable living within planetary boundaries. That is why we are committed to leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies to create solutions that not only address critical challenges but also pave the way for an inclusive and regenerative society and economy.”

Digital Insights Sustainability Committees

The Digital Insights Sustainability Committees represent the forefront of innovative and dynamic thinking in the realm of sustainability.

Committees are carefully selected to address the growing number of concerns in the digital era, with specific attention given to areas such as cybersecurity and ethical standards in the context of AI and WEB3 technology advancements.

Youth Leadership

Global Interconnectivity

Youth, Economic and Social Policies Committee

Impact Investments and Green Financing Committee

Gaming, Esports and Youth Phygital Experience Committee

Cybersecurity and International Affairs Committee

Ethics, Standards and Inclusiveness for WEB3, AI and DLT Committee

Regulations, Compliance and Governance Committee

Digital Technology

AI Applications and Web3 Ecosystems

Join us in our quest to shape the future with the power of sustainable thinking!

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YAM Tunku Tun Aminah Binti Sultan Ibrahim

Digital Insights Sustainability

Board Member, Berjaya Corp

Chairman,  Berjaya Assets

Chairman, REDtone International

‪Evan Medeiros‬

Former NSC Senior Director for Asian Affairs & Special Assistant to Obama (6 Years)

Professor and Penner Family Chair in Asian Studies, Georgetown University

Krishna Ramachandra

Founder and Chairman,
Digital Insights Group

Digital Insights Sustainability

Trustee and Vice Chairman,
Christ’s College (Cambridge University) Foundation

Chairman, Regulations, Compliance and Governance Committee (DIS)

Dennis Verbaas

Founder, Verbaas Capital

Vice-chairman, Impact Investments and Green Financing Committee (DIS)

Taranveer Sabharwal

President, Cambridge Blockchain Society

Founder and CEO, Socratix

Chairman, Youth Leadership Council (DIS)

Dr. Anton Ravindran

Technopreneur, Mentor, Author, Advisor and Adjunct Professor

President, Cloud Computing Chapter, Singapore Computer Society

Chairman, Ethics, Standards and Inclusiveness for WEB3, AI and DLT Committee (DIS)

Keith Rabin

President, KWR International

Economics and Public Affairs Advisor to Governments in APAC

Roman Tykhovsky

Chairman, AI Applications and Web3 Ecosystems Committee (DIS)

Manimaran Pushpanatan

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, SATS Security Services

Chairman, Cybersecurity and International Affairs Committee (DIS)

Edwin Lun

Chairman, Global Interconnectivity Committee (DIS)

Founder & Group CEO,
Move Network

Sunworks Business

Henry Lee

Chairman, Youth, Economic and Social Policies Committee (DIS)

Sakiko Yamada

Founder, Food Loss Bank

Tokyo Committee member for the Human Rights Watch

Founder & President,
Japanese Academy for the International Academy of Gastronomy (AIG)

Christopher Wilson

Founder, Water and Healthcare Foundation (WAH)

Youth Leadership Council

Taranveer Sabharwal


Aaron Chong


Rohin Ramachandra

Youth Leader

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